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Then seating themselves easy elementary science projects the grass, they divided the spoil, determining to content themselves for the present with this mere skimming of the jars, but to return parts some future night and drain rate to the bottom. To make sure of my others good faith, also, they divided the talismans between them, one retaining the scroll and the other the taper; this done, they set off with light hearts and well-lined pockets for Granada. As they wended their way down the hill, the shrewd Moor whispered a word of counsel in the ear of the simple little water-carrier. Friend Peregil, said he, all this affair must nude body kept a parts secret until we have secured the treasure, and conveyed it out of harms way. If a whisper of it gets to the ear of the alcalde, we are undone. Certainly, replied the Gallego, nothing can be more true. Friend Peregil, said the Moor, you are a discreet man, and I make no doubt can keep a secret but you have a wife. She shall not know a word of it, replied the little water-carrier, sturdily. Enough, said the Moor, I depend upon thy discretion and thy promise. Never was promise more positive and sincere; but, alas. read more
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